Workers' Daily: SGCC Beijing Electric Power Company Began to Install Charging Piles on a Massive Scale

On 29th August, the 12 DC quick charging piles in Beijing Railway Station installed by SGCC Beijing Power Supply Company were put into use, adding new momentum to the development of the charging service network in the central areas of the capital.

As an important passenger railway hub in China, Beijing Railway Station sees heavy traffic in its west parking lot. In order to allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles while parking, SGCC Beijing Electric Power Company visited Beijing Railway Station to discuss the possibility of installing DC quick charging piles in the parking lot. A quick charge of 15 minutes enables a drive of 100 kilometers.

To avoid interrupting the daily operation of the parking lot, SGCC Beijing Electric Power Company adjusted its plans and schedules accordingly. From 23:00 to 06:00, the workers used five nights to complete the installation of two 630 kVA packaged substations and twelve 60 kW charging piles in a highly efficient manner.

With the encouragement of the government, more and more EVs appeared in Beijing, bringing with them increased demand for charging facilities. To cope with the situation, SGCC Beijing Electric Power Company has been promoting the construction of charging piles according to local circumstances, especially in key areas to support the future development of the city as the political center, cultural center, international cooperation center and technological innovation center in China. In 2015 and 2016 alone, the Company planned the construction of 463 DC quick charging piles with cultural center, transportation hub and business center as the priority.

Currently, the Company has installed 109 charging piles, with the remaining 354 under construction to be put into operation before the end of the year. At the same time, the Company is gradually shifting from massive installation to targeted intensive installation to increase the number of charging piles in key areas such as Xidan Shopping District, Wangfujing Shopping District, Tianqiao Performance District and Dazhalan Business District, with 100 DC quick charging piles to be installed in Tianqiao Performance District and Dazhalan Business District respectively to better meet the demand of users and serve the development of EV through the establishment of an EV quick charging network in central areas of the capital.

Source: Workers' Daily

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