People¡¯s Daily: China Promotes the Construction of a Smart Internet of Vehicles
On August 20, 2017, Xinhua News learned that SGCC¡¯s Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platform had been connected to 17 charging facility operators, providing access to 167,000 additional charging piles with a daily charging capacity of more than 1 GWh. This means that China has established the world¡¯s largest smart IoV in terms of coverage and the number of devices.

SGCC established its IoV platform by adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as big data and cloud computing. It has achieved universal plug-in and payment for most charging piles nationwide. Electric vehicle (EV) owners can download the ¡°e-Charging¡± app to find nearby charging piles to charge their vehicles.

According to SGCC¡¯sspokesperson , SGCC has built 5,526 charging and swapping stations and more than 45,000 charging piles to give EV owners access to charging facilities wherever they are. Payment can be completed immediately for a convenient recharging experience. Currently, SGCC operates a fast charging network made up of six horizontal, six vertical and two ring highways, covering 121 cities in 16 provinces.

According to reports, in 2017, SGCC will expand its fast charging network to cover nine horizontal, nine vertical and two ring highways, with the planned construction of 120,000 charging piles and integration of 800,000 public charging piles in the smart IoV platform by 2020. In the future, all data from the platform will be open to the public.

Source: People¡¯s Daily (1st Edition, August 21, 2017)

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