People¡¯s Daily: Electric Power Brings New Drivers for Economic Growth
¡°In the past, we use diesel generator for pumped wells. We had to pull the line all the way from home to the land, which costs money and time. In addition, motor failures were frequently seen as a result of long distance from power source, thin line and low voltage. But now, it is totally different. All my 17 pumped wells have access to electricity with a meter box being installed for every well. There are also leakage protectors in the box. So, when I turn on the switch, the water just pumps out. It¡¯s so convenient and safe.¡± Wang Jiyong, a major participant of rural collective land transfer in Sunyuzi Village, Xiaoxian County, Anhui Province, said happily referring to the project of giving power access to every well.

¡°Giving Every Well Access to Electric Power¡± Helps to Save More than 10 billion RMB Annually in Irrigation

 Sunyuzi Village is famous for its carrots. With years of experience and rich knowledge in growing carrots, Wang Jiyong organized a dozen of local residents to contract 67 hectare of transferred rural collective land in Shilin Village, Xiaoxian County to grow carrots. In 2016, State Grid Xiaoxian County Electric Power Company upgraded the pumped wells in Shilin County through installing three 200 KVA distribution transformers and one 50 KVA distribution transformer. With the help of the project, Wang Jiyong no longer needs to pull power lines from one well to another through long distance for irrigation.

Wang Jiyong is only one of the several ten million farmers benefiting from the new round of rural grid retrofit. Since the start of the 13th Five-Year Plan period, State Grid and China Southern Power Grid has invested 163 billion RMB in the three major projects of ¡°giving every well access to electric power¡±, power grid retrofit in small towns and ¡°giving every village access to electricity¡±. Currently, the three projects are running smoothly. By the end of September 2017, 1,595,756 pumped wells nationwide have access to electric power, covering nearly all pumped wells in plain areas.

It is estimated that in an effort to promote the project, State Grid invested 45.693 billion RMB to give 1.535 million pumped wells for irrigation access to electric power, benefiting more than 87 billion square meters of farmland, or 13.7% of the effective irrigation area of China. It is also estimated that with the project in place, grain production increased by 10.40 million tons with an output of 29.98 billion RMB and the land used for developing modern agriculture and growing cash crops increased by 25.45 billion square meters with an output of 30.7 billion RMB. The project also helped farmers to reduce 11.62 billion RMB in irrigation cost on an annual basis, reduced oil consumption by 2.748 million tons and reduced CO2 emission by 8.75 million tons.

Upgrade and Transformation: Helping Farmers to Becoming Rich Faster

¡°I hope that President Xi Jinping could come to my home again¡±, said Yan Guangcun, a local villager in Zhang Zhuang Village, Dongbatou County, Lankao Town, Henan Province who has shaken off poverty. Yan opens the electric roller shutter of the chicken farm, turned on the switch and the feeder and the dropping board scraper began to work.

In March, 2014, when President Xi Jinping visited his home during his visit to Lankao, Yan¡¯s family of six had an annual income of less than 7000 RMB. After that, Yan Guangcun got 100,000 RMB of bank loan to build a chicken farm. Now, the Chun Guang Chicken Farm he established has more than 10,000 hens with a daily egg production of more than 450kg. Yan Guangcun said ¡°with the automatic feeder, dropping board scrapper and ventilation machine all being powered by electricity, power stoppage for only 1 or 2 hours could cause much trouble for us.¡±

In 2016, 81 central villages in Lankao finished rural grid retrofit with an average household capacity of no less than 2.5 KVA, ranking among the top in Henan. Now, Zhangzhuang Village not only have cement roads, but also new power lines and piles.

Long Qingguo, a fellow villager, runs a vacation resort in his courtyard. ¡°Most customers come in summer. But we no longer worry about air conditioner tripping as the capacity of the power grid has been expanded. Now, we can make more than 100,000 RMB a year.¡±

As a priority of the new round of rural grid retrofit, the upgrade and transformation of small towns (central villages) nationwide is a more arduous task with an accumulated investment of more than 10 million RMB. In the regions covered by State Grid operations alone, the project has benefited more than 156 million people, in which 29.034 million are from poverty-stricken villages.

Electric Power Makes Industrial Development Easier¡£

¡°After getting access to electric power, I don¡¯t have to worry about feed processing anymore.¡± Chang Rongfa, a villager in Dianwang Village, Miaoqu County, Zhenyuan Town, Gansu Province, said excitedly, looking at his lambs.

Zhenyua Town is a national key town for poverty-reduction and development. ¡°I used to be a migrate worker. Although I worked hard, I seldom had any money left at the end of the year. But now, I stay at home raising lambs with a monthly income of at least 3000 RMB. What¡¯s more, I can stay with my family. This year, we build a new house, bought new household appliance. Life is getting better and better.¡± Chang Rongfa told the reporter.

¡°Turn on the switch, you can see the water being pumped out from the wells automatically, which makes grain processing and feeding faster and easier.¡± Said Chen Guangde, Chairman of the Party Committee of Dianwang Village, Miaoqu County, Zhenyuan Town, Gansu Province. ¡°The rural grid retrofit brought young people back to develop animal husbandry or establish their own businesses. Electric power is the foundation of economic growth. Now, we can roll up our sleeves to build a well-off society.¡±

Indeed, the new round of rural grid retrofit is of great significance to the rejuvenation of rural areas, which is also a national strategy. It is estimated that, 256,000 agricultural product production and processing factories have been established in areas covered by the retrofit, generating an annual income of 51.38 billion RMB from agriculture and tourism alone and attracting 4.393 million migrate workers to go back to their home village to establish their own business or seek for employment. Related areas have attracted an investment of more than 93.2 billion RMB. Take China Southern Power Grid as an example, the rural grid retrofit carried out in recent years will benefit 14.14 million people in 216 poverty-stricken towns.

Source: People¡¯s Daily

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