People¡¯s Daily: China¡¯s First Clean Heating Project for Extremely Cold and High Elevation Areas Put into Operation
Xining, 7th November -- On 7th November, the 12 new type of energy conserving electric boiler in the boarding school of Maduo Town, Qinghai were put into operation for heating. It is the first clean heating project for extremely cold and high elevation areas in China.

With a high elevation and long heating season, local residents had to rely on animal dung and coal for heating during winter, ensuing high cost and severe environmental pollution. This year, State Grid used the targeted poverty alleviation fund to develop clean energy heating projects in Maduo, realizing clean heating in areas covered by centralized heating from coal-fired boilers and scattered coal and promoting electric heating beds in permanent residence of herdsmen in an effort to gradually improve the level of electrification in herdsman families and realize clean heating for the whole town. ¡° Maduo Town plans to implement the project of replacing coal for electricity for clean heating in stages in four districts.¡± Introduced Zhang Qiang, Vice Governor of Maduo Town. The projects are planned to be put into operation next year, which will end the era of using coal for heating.

Zhan Jie, Director of Marketing of State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, pointed out that the company plans to build Maduo into a demonstration of clean heating in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the Tibetan Plateau before promoting the project to 11 towns and cities in areas near the source of the three great rivers. It is estimated that, after being put into operation, clean heating projects in Maduo will be able to replace 27,800 tons of standard coal, reduce 18,900 tons of carbon dust emission, 69,400 tons of CO2 emission, 2100 tons of SO2 emission and 1000 tons of NOX emission on an annual basis.

Source: Page 15 of People¡¯s Daily

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