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SGCC CPC School Established Party Building Responsibility Evaluation System [2017-04-25]
¡¾CCTV¡¿CCTV NEWS: The Construction of Central Tibet Grid Interconnection Project Starts Today [2017-04-10]
¡¾CCTV¡¿Live News: 750KV Ili-Kuqa Grid in Xinjiang Integrates Ground Check with Helicopter Check [2017-03-21]
¡¾CCTV¡¿CCTV News: Annual Inspection of the Artery of "West-to-East Power Transmission" Completed [2017-03-13]
¡¾CCTV¡¿CCTV News: Shore-to-ship Power Projects will Cover Half of the Ports in China by 2020 [2017-02-03]
China News Service: Heavenly Road of Electricity Operates for 5 Years, Turns Resources into Economic Advantages along the Line [2016-12-28]
Guangming Ribao: SGCC, a Golden Card of Going Global [2016-11-28]
Science & Technology Daily: What makes State Grid Shandong Company Standing at the Frontier of Power Industry Robotics [2016-10-12]
People's Daily: Over 90 Percent Rural Area in Jiangsu has Made Power Accessible to Every Household. [2016-10-11]
Workers¡¯ Daily: SGCC Beijing Electric Power Company Began to Install Charging Poles on a Massive Scale [2016-09-15]
Workers' Daily: SGCC Beijing Electric Power Company Began to Install Charging Piles on a Massive Scale [2016-08-29]
People's Daily: The Strong Engine Behind the Blue Economy [2016-08-15]
People¡¯s Daily: Beijing¡¯s Tongzhou to Build 2km Electric Charging Circle [2016-08-08]
People¡¯s Daily Overseas: Huainan: UHV Technology Helps to Transmit Power from Anhui to Eastern China [2016-08-11]
Xinhua: SGCC Takes Initiative to Prepare for Flood and Summer Peak Time [2016-07-18]
Economic Daily: Jiangsu Initially Realized the Transition to Green, Low-carbon Grid [2015-11-03]
¡¾Xinhuanet¡¿Xi Jinping Proposed Global Energy Interconnection [2015-10-08]
£ÛXinhua News Agency£Ý Sichuan Brought Light and Prosperity to Tibetan Area after 3 Years' Hard work [2015-08-18]
S&T Daily: China¡¯s UHV Technolgy Debuts Overseas; Brazil's Belo Monte Hydropower UHV Transmission Project Has Groundbreaking Ceremony [2015-08-10]
£ÛXinhua News Agency£Ý China¡¯s First Successful Overseas Bid, Belo Monte Hydropower UHV Transmission Project, Starts Construction in Brazil [2015-05-30]
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