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Chinese DC Transmission Project will Top the World
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Reporter from the 8th International HVDC Users Conference on Oct. 22nd, in Yichang, Hubei province, said China will have built 15 ultra high voltage (UHV) DC transmission projects by 2020 and will have the most DC transmission projects, the longest transmission line and the biggest transmission capacity.

To optimize energy and resource allocation, China is carrying out the strategy of developing UHV transmission, large nuclear power, large hydroelectric power and large coal-fired power, i.e. "one Ultra and three large"strategy. "By the end of 2020, a UHV AC synchronized network covering Northern China, Central China and Eastern China will have been completed. During this period, 15 projects of +/-800 KV UHV DC, such as Xiangjiaba-Shanghai, Jinping-the south of Jiangsu, Xiluodu-Zhuzhou, Xiluodu-the west of Zhejiang, etc. will have been built."said by Shu Yinbiao, Executive Vice President of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). The 15 projects will include a total of 30 substations, 26,000 KM of transmission lines and a transmission capacity of 94.4GW.

In recent years, with the hard work of Chinese scientists and engineers, the home-made rate of DC transmission projects has reached to 100% in sharp contrast with the dependence on the imported products before. Chinese engineers can design, construct and operate large-scale coal mines, hydropower stations, thermal power stations, nuclear power plants and EHV transmission lines independently. Besides, we have strong ability in innovating generation units and transmission equipments.

7 EHV DC transmission projects, i.e. Gehu (from Gezhou Dam to Shanghai), Sanchang (from the Three Gorges to Changzhou), Sanguang (from the Three Gorges to Guangdong), Sanhu (from the Three Gorges to Shanghai), Tianguang (from Tiansheng Bridge to Guangdong), the first and second circuit of Guiguang (from Guizhou to Guangdong), and Lingbao back-to-back DC projects have been established and put into operation by this October. The DC transmission lines have reached 7085 km with the transmission capacity of 18.56GW, both rank the first in the world. Meantime, the standards of the design, construction, operation, management and equipment manufacturing of EHV DC transmission project in our country also rank the top in the world.

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